Regulatory advice

We can guide you through the legislative hoops and hurdles

The Cannical team is fully competent with the current regulatory requirements of operating a cannabis business, and is offering comprehensive consulting as a service. We are always up to date with the latest regulations and are familiar with the relevant regulatory bodies.

This applies to:

  • The licenses for the cultivation, production, reproduction and research of cannabis/hemp.
  • The whole national legislation
  • Relations with relevant government departments
  • The International Legislation (UN Single Convention)

The Cannical team will take care of simplifying and facilitating the process of obtaining the necessary licenses to operate.

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Methodology of cultivation and professional consulting

Let us set up an outstanding system for you

Cannical will provide your team with the right skills to produce high quality CBD flowers. Our consultants are available to train your staff in their workplace – so they can apply their skills directly. 

We design management systems of legal cannabis cultivation to optimize quality and yield, and complete monitoring of the process. From the acquisition of cuttings to the collection of flowers, through the best cultivation and nutrition protocols.

Whether it’s a hydroponic system, indoor or outdoor: the Cannical team can provide you with the skills you need to select and grow a premium product.

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Human Resources and Staff Training

Get your employees up to speed

Our specialized team will train your staff according to Good Agricultural Practice guidelines. Cannical continuously develops updated training material to enable entrepreneurs and managers to improve, monitor and evaluate the performance of their employees.

Cannical offers training courses and seminars to prepare your team for the any new challenges that await. This applies to:

  • Recruitment
  • Contractual classification of employees in compliance with the current legislation
  • Performance management
  • Staff training
  • Relations with employees
  • Daily supervision of production and post-production

Cannical offers unique services in the human resources sector, focusing on relationships with staff to achieve maximum results and guarantee the happiness’ of entrepreneurs and workers.

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Logistics, storage, analytical checks and other processes

We can provide a whole host of ancillary services

Cannical is able to provide a wide range of solutions from the plant to the commercialization of the product, such as:

  • Logistics and Storage
  • Distribution and resale of flowers and other derivatives
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Drying, Inflorescence treatment
  • Dedicated analytical controls

All operations performed comply with current regulations.

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