Cannical provides premium cannabis products to European retail outlets.

We make the process of finding the best quality legal cannabis products and a fast, simple, and comfortable online experience. Whether you’re a smoke shop, wellness centre or herbalist, we’re looking for reliable partners to join our team. Cannical is the perfect place for you to source quality products!

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Are you already selling cannabis products?.

Cannical can provide you with a profitable channel to sell your products. Our strategy uses the most innovative digital marketing methods to target and maintain customers worldwide.

We provide payment processing, marketing and logistic services. You can maintain your own product listings and pricing, as well as decide over controlling shipping methods. 

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Do you grow or manufacture cannabis products?

Cannical is interested in selling them. Contact us and let us know what you’re selling.

Please send us any information you may have on the quality of your product (certificates of analysis and batch records). We are able to provide advise and feedback on the information provided, and evaluate whether they may be suitable for resale in our distribution network.

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Laboratory Services

Growing or manufacturing cannabis products?

Cannical can provide you with laboratory and testing services to ensure that you create the safest and highest quality products available.

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