Our vision

Cannical is the leading marketplace for cannabis products worldwide.

We make the process of finding the best quality legal cannabis products and a fast, simple, and comfortable online experience. Whether you’re a smoke shop, wellness centre or herbalist, Cannical is the perfect place for you to source quality products!

All of our wholesale products are of the highest quality, and go through a rigorous screening process by our quality assurance team before they are stocked. Every product has documented trace-ability to it’s batch of production, and certificates of analysis demonstrating that the product meets specification, and is free of any unwanted contaminants. Through this rigorous process, customers can have a high level of comfort when shopping on our store. This is how Cannical will remain the premium marketplace for cannabis products worldwide.

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Our marketing channels

Cannical uses innovative methods to capture customers worldwide 

In the modern age of the internet, majority of the world population is constantly online. Either surfing the internet for news and information, or on social media for work or pleasure.

With our innovative and proven digital marketing strategy, we are able to acquire customers looking for cannabis products online; as well as those who are searching for more information about them (we educate them).

Get in touch with us to learn how we can boost your sales and customer reach.

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Sell your products online

Are you already selling cannabis products?

Cannical can provide you with another channel to sell your products. We provide payment processing and marketing services, you can maintain your own product listings and pricing and shipping methods.

We strive on delivering outstanding customer service, with efficient support and rapid communication. Our sales representatives are experts in European legislation, and we can provide adequate documentation to assist in any regulatory compliance – particularly logistics. We endeavor to provide maximum cooperation to ensure products reach our customers with haste.

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