Cannical provides premium cannabis products to European retail outlets.

We make the process of finding the best quality legal cannabis products and a fast, simple, and comfortable online experience. All of our products are evaluated for quality, on every batch of production, and are rates are competitive with the current market. We offer unbeatable customer service, and make sure that products reach their destination through our logistics network.

We have an expanding range of products, from all over the world. Whether you’re a smoke shop, wellness centre or herbalist, Cannical is the perfect place for you to source quality products!

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Supply and distribution

Want access to products from worldwide producers of legal cannabis products (products with CBD)?

Thanks to exclusive agreements with renowned American and European brands and a vertical control model we have managed to facilitate the supply chain and logistics processes, so that we never leave the trader short of merchandise. Cannical guarantees that you will have the best CBD products available in the market.

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