Endoca Capsules Raw Hemp Oil 300mg (CBD+CBDa)

Bottle contains 30pcs Raw Hemp Oil capsules total 300mg CBD CBDa
1 Capsule contains 10mg CBD CBDa. Vegan gel caps, Gluten-free, Kosher. Ease of use due to the fact that it is smooth, slippery, odorless, tasteless, easy to swallow.
The extracts Endoca produces, are made of Hemp plants that grows in EU without the use of pesticides and herbicides in order to achieve high quality and safe products. Organic Raw Hemp Oil is created using very low temperature and high pressure. In essence, it’s the ‘juicing’ of the hemp plants, which forms a concentrated, superfood supplement. The oil has unique properties because it contains CBD (cannabidiol) in a carboxylic acid form, known as CBDa also called Cannabidiolic Acid.

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